My OPI Colors!

How did this blog turn into some kind of a beauty blog?

Oh, well. I’m sorry for readers who are not interested in beauty, this blog is basically about everything. So yeah. Let’s go to my OPI colors!

I’m so excited. I’m kinda new with this whole OPI collecting thing. I used to just wear Rimmel 60 Seconds (my favorite is 519 Desert Beauty), but when I found out that OPI is actually a lot cheaper if you compare the price with how much product you get, I’VE DECIDED TO SWITCH TO COLLECTING OPI INSTEAD.

I only have two so far, I’m predicting that I’ll buy more and more, but it seems that the two that I already have are more than enough because they’re so gorgeous!!! The first one that I have is a cult favorite, Melon of Troy.

Wait. Is it just me or did I see two metal balls inside Melon of Troy?

OMG I’M NOT KIDDING THERE ARE TWO METAL BALLS INSIDE THE BOTTLE! Does anybody know what it’s for? Does anybody else have them?

Anyways. The color is actually more shimmery than the one in picture, but it’s good enough. It’s a beautiful coral-pink color, perfect for summer.


It’s called Chocolate Shakespeare.

This was the very first OPI that I bought. It actually has a hint of red in it, unlike the picture. It looks like chocolate milk! So yeah, I don’t know but I’m thinking that maybe they made the name as a pun.. Chocolate Shakespeare.. Chocolate Shakes.. Chocolate Shake! RIGHT! I’m a genius.

So that’s all y’all, I’ll talk to you guys later, bye. 🙂

Review: Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection – Love Spell

For starters, we all know that Victoria’s Secret isn’t exactly a cheap store (except maybe for their makeup), but I have to say, it’s worth spending money on their beauty collection, especially the Secret Garden. My absolute pick just so happens to be Love Spell. I use, well, practically everything from the line. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and the body mist. I don’t, however, use the cream wash (or something like that), body butter, body cream, and the eau de toilette – just because I feel that it’s unnecessary since I already use the body wash (no need for cream wash!), body lotion (no need for body butter and body cream!), and the body mist (no need for eau de toilette!).

The prices range from $9-10, and I guess that’s a bit high for bath care. Then again many people buy from Bath & Body Works, and the prices are generally similar anyway so I don’t see why you can’t spend it on Victoria’s Secret ones instead.

For me, personally, I feel that Love Spell is my signature scent. Whenever somebody else uses it, my boyfriend just automatically says that she smells like me. My friends do the same. And honestly, I hear mixed reviews for Love Spell – some say it’s authentic and fresh, others think that it’s cheap-smelling and generic. But I’ll give an easy five-star on this one. In my opinion, Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection give out unique fragrances that you don’t always find. I mean, really, you can find many high-end fragrances that have similar scents; musky, sandalwood-y, flowery, citrusy.. but Love Spell? Pfft. It’s hard to find a similar one. It really is.

Anyway. So. FIVE STARS for Love Spell!

Shoujo Manga Love

Just so you know, I am an avid reader of Case Closed (Detective Conan), and sometimes One Piece. However, I also enjoy reading shoujo mangas! I’m rather picky though. I only tend to read mangas by Ashihara Hinako, Usami Maki, Sakisaka Io, and Kouichi Kaede. So yeah, I don’t just read any shoujo manga. But of course, I love suggestions, so you’re perfectly welcome to give me any. *Smiley face* So anyway, here, I’m going to tell you why I specifically love these mangakas.

Ashihara Hinako

The first work that I’ve read from her is called SOS, and I fell in love with the artwork and stories instantly. The stories she makes are rather serious, and very realistic, but at the same time they have funny, lightweight bits in it. The second story in that book is called Organ, and I laughed, and cried, and thought about the story for some time.. she is one wonderful mangaka. I don’t think she’s making any new works as of now, though. Sad.. Please write another story!

Best work: I can’t pick any!! They’re all so good. *_* But okay, Chouchou Kumo. No, SOS. No, Pinky Promise. No, Konbini S! NO THEY’RE ALL GOOD!!

Usami Maki

Again, she makes mangas of roughly the same genre as Ashihara Hinako. Serious, but funny at the same time. Only I have to say I like Usami Maki’s artwork better. *grins* But they’re both really good, and I love both of them equally. I love every single Usami Maki’s work. I don’t think there’s any of them that I dislike. I know that she’s not making any new ones as of now, but I haven’t finished reading Kokoro Botan, and so that’s the manga that I’m currently reading now.

Best work: Haruyuki Bus, hands down! Woot! The best manga ever. And maybe Sakura Rhythm. But no, Haruyuki Bus is the best.

Kouichi Kaede

Mm, there’s not much to say about her because I’m relatively new to her work, and besides I’ve never read any of her previous works before. I’m currently reading Love So Life, and I have to say, it’s an amazing manga. Very cute as well. I guess her genre is different from Ashihara Hinako and Usami Maki, since Love So Life is a very light-read manga, and it gives you this warm fuzzy feeling afterwards, and it’s very, very, cute. It’s about this high-school girl who babysits these twins who live with their reporter uncle (who’s so darn good looking). And the twins are just so adorable!! >.< And I’m thinking some romance will spark between the uncle and the high-school girl. Oh, and the uncle isn’t even that old. Cuties.

Best work: Err, Love So Life! (It’s the only one I’ve read so, lol)

Sakisaka Io

Yes. I’m saving the best for last, of course. Sakisaka Io is LOVE! I don’t know what else to say anymore. Strobe Edge has got to be the best manga out there. The best. The heroine is just so adorable and pure, and the hero is.. COMPLETELY HEAVENLY LOOKING IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I.. I.. I don’t even know what to say! Speechless. The artwork is love. The stories are love. Everything, about Sakisaka Io, is love. I guess her genre is in between Usami-Ashihara and Kouichi. The stories aren’t as serious as Usami-Ashihara, but definitely more serious than Kouichi. I don’t know. But I guess the works are more or less like Usami Maki, but not so much either. WAIT. WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING. I don’t make sense. Anyway.

Oh, however, I don’t particularly like her old works, because her artwork was different, but her present work. Is. Love. I’m currently reading her latest work called Aoharaido and so far, it’s love. I can’t wait for Chapter 2 I just can’t!! I’m so obsessed!! I have a feeling it’s going to be even more amazing than Strobe Edge. Which is definitely hard to believe because Strobe Edge is the definition of love.

Best work: Strobe Edge, like duh! ..Or maybe Aoharaido, hmm, we’ll see.

So that’s it, you guys! I like some works by Takasuka Yue (Good Morning Call) and I’m also checking out works by Haruta Nana, so maybe I’ll review them later. Thanks for reading!


A Quick Update

It’s eight o’clock in the evening here. Nothing new in my life – except maybe the mock examinations that we’ve been having in school since last week for the high schoolers. So far I’ve finished Biology and Math. Biology was.. hard, but it was nothing compared to Math. I probably failed Math or something. And you see, when you’re doing your AS Level, you need to have two; one of Pure Math, and the other of either Mechanics or Statistics. I plan to take Mechanics I this year, and Statistics I next year, because I don’t think I’ll be able to do Mechanics II nor Statistics II. Anyway, Math has been my weakest subject ever since I was like, what, born. So yeah, pretty sure I failed that one.

I will have Chemistry on Tuesday and Physics on Thursday. Oh, God, help me. AS Level is already killing me, I don’t even want to think about next year. #theironyofatwelfthgrader

Other than that, nothing else really happened. Except for the fact that I still feel like I’m walking on a thin string of love, wobbling, trying not to fall. (Cheesiness, but hey it’s true.) Why do I feel so much pressure? He says he gets depressed whenever I tweet strange stuff. WELL, TOO BAD, I TWEET WHAT I WANT TO TWEET. And if HE gets depressed, then I just get plain crazy. Sometimes I can’t handle the feeling of as if being used. And it’s not like I fell for some other guy – sometimes I just think that maybe he’s not the one for me, if he continues to be this way. And I’ll let him stay this way, I won’t talk him out of it because this is the way he is, I can’t change it. I have no right to. If it doesn’t work out, then I guess he’s not for me, and somebody else may love him exactly the way he is.

It’s easy to say. It’s harder to really let go.

Depressed Much, Aimee?

I have to get him out of my mind. I told him I will not care about anything he does from now on. I also told him that he should stop caring about me. He said no. He doesn’t want to. He said he loves me.

It’s only a matter of time, honey. You’ll see.

I know it’s a choice. Letting you go is a choice. But it’s not something that I can just decide in a snap. And it’s not something that I can just do, in a snap. I get depressed, believe me. It interferes with my studies, believe me. It comes into mind every once in a while, believe me. And in the end I’ve chosen to do so. It’s all for you, I’m lifting the burden for you. We’re only in high school. We both know that it won’t last. And I know very well that you believe in ‘believing’ – when you believe it, it will be so. I want to believe it. I want to believe that you and I can stay together forever, I want to believe that we can grow old together, I want to believe all of it. But you and I both know that we can’t live in a fairytale forever.

I’m sorry. I still check my phone every once in a while, just to see whether you texted or not. I’m sorry I still go on the message box on Twitter and continuously refresh the page, to see whether you wrote me a DM or not. I’m sorry I’m obsessed with you. And I still am, but I know I can go through this alone. I know you don’t love me as much as I do you, so I know you’ll get over it in no time. It’s only now that you hug me all the time, and say I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, don’t leave me, I love you, please don’t leave me – trying to reassure that you love me so much. And I know that you love me. Only you see, my love is bigger than yours. It’ll take a longer time to heal than yours. I know you’ll be fine without me. I know you will.

Now the question is, will I?

Goodbye, Love.

Sometimes you don’t get to have things your way. Sometimes things just.. happen. So maybe it’s time; maybe it’s time for us to tell each other that we should just be friends.

And with this I’ll cry, knowing that my summer would not be as beautiful as the year before, knowing that I wouldn’t have you by my side, knowing that there wouldn’t be any of those morning and night messages and late night phone calls. I’ll cry. But I have to move on with my life and focus on things that need to be done.

And maybe you don’t understand why I’m doing this, and maybe you’ll get angry, but when you think about it, you know it’s for the best. This way, you’re free to do anything you want. You’re free to wear any kinds of bracelets and necklaces, you’re free to go home late, because there wouldn’t be me waiting for you and being angry with you. You’re free.

Also with this I should thank you, for loving me, for caring about me, for being there when I need you most. And I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done to you, I’m sorry for everything. I feel sorry for you for being with me.

And no, I’ve never cheated on you. Ever. It was always you. I’m doing this for you. I don’t want you to know that I’ll probably cry every single night regretting the fact that I’ve let you go, because it’s for you. Because I love you.

I’m letting you free, I’m letting you fall in love with another. Consider this your birthday present from me.

You remain my best friend.

I love you.


…And I can’t believe it’s been a year. It’s been a whole freaking year. I have abandoned WordPress – but now I’m back!

And to be honest, looking at my previous entries, I feel like I’ve changed. Not horribly, not drastically; but I have changed. I’m not as lively anymore, not as.. vocabulary-rich (was I? I don’t know, but it feels that way ever since I decided not to take English for AS). Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter. People don’t stay the same all the time. We change and maybe it’s for a good cause.

I just ate dinner. I think I’m a go get a drink of water and wash the dishes. Be back in a second!

Okay, back. I feel like curling up, wrapped in my blanket.. but I can’t, because I’ve got Chemistry to do. What’s this, why is my life revolving around school. That’s just how it is.

Oh, and. I’m in love. :]

Well, just to let you all know that I’m back and all good! I’ll be posting a few more before I go back to Chemistry.

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